Shop Drawings - Review Tips

This page contains a list of common mistakes to avoid. The items are listed in the order that they appear in the review process.

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Submittal Confirmation

The reviewer email the fabricator or detailing office within two business days of receiving a new submittal, confirming reception of a valid submittal. Failure to do so removes one aspect of the process designed to keep all parties informed of the whereabouts and status of submittals, and has led to project delays.

Submittal Confirmation

Figure: Confirmation Example (From Submittal Guide Appendix)

Markup Color

Remember: Red items are kept when flattening, all other colors are removed. Make sure your approval stamp "property" is red, and at least the first text character in any text box is red.

Note: Always check the post-flattened product to make sure all necessary stamps and markups have remained before setting security and distributing.

Markup Colors: Stamp Properties

Figure: Stamp Properties: Color: "Red"

Markup Colors: Text Properties

Figure: Text Box Text Properties - Text Color: "Red"


Inspection prints of approved shop plan sets are usually monochrome, so always "cloud" corrections to make them stand out in a black and white print.

Clouding: Corrections Markups

Figure: Cloud all correction markups

5197 Reviews

  • Make sure that the approved concrete strength revisions that are shown on the superseding beam index sheet(s) are transcribed to the beam detail sheet(s), so that there is no discrepancy between those numbers.
  • Insure that is CC'd upon distribution of all 5197 related shop plan submittals, so that the database on beams cast using the reduced release strengths is kept current and complete.
5197 Reviews: Beam Index Sheet (5197 Values)

Figure: Beam Index Sheet (5197 values)

5197 Reviews: Beam Details Sheet (5197 Values)

Figure: Beam Details Sheet (5197 values)

Custom Adobe Acrobat Tools Help

For help using TxDOT's Customized Tools for Adobe Acrobat, look under Tools on the main menu and select TxDOT. At the bottom of the TxDOT Tools window, select Help. Adobe tutorial aids are also available.

Custom Adobe Acrobat Tools Help

Figure: TxDOT Tools Help location.


Flattening prevents removal of markups; password security prevents additions. Always use both security methods to insure the integrity of the document.

Security: Flatten Documents

Figure: Tools/TxDOT/"Flatten" documents first

Then finalize the document by adding password security:

Security: Add a Password

Figure: File/Document Properties/Security/Password Security - Settings, check "Restrict editing" box

Inspection Copy

Always CC the Construction Division ( ) when sending out approved shop plan sets. The approved shop plan copy is needed for inspecting every product prior to acceptance and delivery to the job site.


Figure: TxDOT/Construction Div./Materials and Pavements approval stamp on a prestressed concrete beam

Distribution Recipients

(per P.7 of the Guide to Electronic Shop Drawing Submittal )

All of the below offices must receive a copy of all approved shop plan sets:

  • District dedicated shop plan address
  • TxDOT personnel as directed by the District
  • Contractor
  • Fabricator
  • Detailing office, if different than the Fabricator
  • Railroad or Tollroad authority if associated with a project
  • Construction Division dedicated shop plan address

Figure: Example Distribution email showing typical primary ("C") and CC ("B") recipients. (From Submittal Guide Appendix.

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