TxDOT has a responsibility to the public to maintain the highest ethical standards when conducting business.

TxDOT adopted its ethics policy to comply with Section 572.051(c) of the Texas Government Code.

We depend on two reporting programs, the Compliance Division and the Texas State Auditor's Office Hotline, to investigate potential fraud. Each enables employees and citizens to anonymously report suspected fraudulent activity.

TxDOT Watch

The TxDOT Watch reporting system allows individuals to anonymously report suspected unethical and illegal activities within the agency in one of two ways:

  • Report incidents by visiting TxDOT Watch.
  • Call toll-free (877) 769-8936.

Business Partners Ethics Programs

The Texas State Auditor's Office Hotline (SAO)

You can also report alleged fraud, misuse of and/or illegal acts involving state resources by calling (800) TX-AUDIT (892-8348) or by visiting the Texas State Auditor's Office Hotline. State resources include:

  • expenditures by state agencies, colleges and universities,
  • the use of state grant money,
  • federal stimulus or
  • funds for Hurricane Ike victims.

Currently Debarred/Sanctioned Contractors