TxDOT's debt programs are an important source of funds that support providing safe and reliable transportation solutions for the citizens of Texas. The Investor Relations webpage is designed to promote transparency and provide useful information to investors and analysts.

TxDOT's Project Finance, Debt and Strategic Contracts Division is responsible for managing the department's debt and financing programs effectively and efficiently to minimize borrowing costs that are supported by taxpayers.

The issuance of debt is performed in a manner that serves the public interest, complies with state and federal tax and securities laws, is within the guidelines of adopted TxDOT policies, and ensures that timely repayment of debt service can be accomplished in a fiscally appropriate manner.

TxDOT Primary Bond Programs

Name Fitch Moody's S&P
Highway Improvement General Obligation (HIGO) Bonds AAA Aaa AAA
State Highway Fund Revenue Bonds Not rated Aaa AAA
Texas Mobility Fund Bonds AAA Aaa AAA

TxDOT Toll Revenue Bonds

Name Fitch Moody's S&P
Central Texas Turnpike System Revenue Bonds1 A A3 A
SH 249 System Revenue Bonds Not rated Baa3 Not rated

          1Ratings shown are for the CTTS First Tier Revenue Bonds.


Related Programs

TxDOT has entered into a Toll Equity Loan Agreement (TELA) with the Grand Parkway Transportation Corporation (GPTC).