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Casa Frio

Roadside Chat:

TxDOT is digging into a 19th century history of cattle ranching, outlaws and a formerly enslaved African American's influence in Denton County. This archeological investigation is part of TxDOT’s planning activities for the reconstruction and widening of FM 455 in the city of Sanger. TxDOT will excavate two archeological sites as part of the preservation outcome.  

On June 10, 2020, TxDOT hosted a meeting with potential consulting parties on the findings of this site. TxDOT wants to hear from the public on additional preservation outcomes – including through educational or outreach activities – that would help tell the story of the people from these sites. The feedback from that meeting will help shape the preservation outcome for this project. You can listen to a pre-recorded version of that presentation. Be sure to leave us your comments and feedback by contacting us below at the bottom of the page. Or request to become a consulting party.

In the Field:

Request to become a consulting party for an archeology project and include the Project ID (CSJ).

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Ongoing Research

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