Bats Love Texas Bridges

You’ve heard of Texas football and certainly Texas barbeque, but what about Texas bats? More than 32 different species of bats hang out in Texas, many under the bridges managed by TxDOT. In fact, Texas is home to the largest bat population in the United States. Since 1980, TxDOT biologists and engineers have worked together to research and conserve the bat colonies that live in bridges around the state. Explore our resources to learn why!

Environmental work is part of TxDOT's responsibilities. Teams of archeologists, historians and environmental scientists consider the state’s natural, historical and community resources before building roads and bridges.

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Roadside History

Did you know that Route 66, also known as “America’s Highway,” runs through the northern part of Texas? The state of Texas created a plan in 2009 that asked the Texas Historical Commission (THC) and TxDOT to identify and mark historic roads and highways in Texas. Their work uncovered historic gas stations, motels, diners and bridges across the state. Read more about some historic highways below:

Story Maps

See roadside history come to life through these map-based stories.


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Mammoth Watch 2018

In 2017, TxDOT discovered fossilized bones of a large ice-aged animal. Subscribe to this page for updates. 

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