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Established under Chapter 55, Texas Transportation Code, the Port Authority Advisory Committee (PAAC) is a nine-member body that provides a forum for the exchange of information between the Commission, TxDOT, and representatives of the port industry in Texas. The PAAC’s advice and recommendations provide the Commission and TxDOT with a broad perspective regarding ports and maritime transportation-related matters to be considered in formulating TxDOT policies concerning the Texas port system.

The Transportation Commission appoints seven members of the committee to staggered, three-year terms. The Commission appoints one member representing Port Houston, three members from ports on the upper Texas coast and three members from ports on the lower Texas coast. The Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the House each appoint an additional member, bringing the total committee membership to nine.

The PAAC is required to develop a biennial port mission plan for Texas’ maritime ports, which is submitted to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the House and the Commission by Dec. 1 of even-numbered years. The mission plan defines the goals and objectives of the committee and includes recommendations for the construction or development of transportation facilities connecting any maritime port to other transportation modes.

Current Membership
As of April 20, 2020

  • Chairwoman Phyllis Saathoff, Port Freeport, Upper Coast
  • Michael Plank, Lieutenant Governor Appointee
  • Allan Ritter, Speaker of the House Appointee
  • Roger Guenther, Port Houston, Permanent Member
  • Chris Fisher, Port of Beaumont, Upper Coast
  • Larry Kelley, Port of Port Arthur, Upper Coast
  • Ronald Mills, Port Mansfield, Lower Coast
  • Sean Strawbridge, Port of Corpus Christi, Lower Coast
  • Walker Smith, Port of Harlingen, Lower Coast

PAAC Meeting Minutes