Consistent, reliable, transparent and understandable information comprises the foundation upon which our decisions are made. Below you will find information and data sets that the TxDOT refers to when planning courses of action and making what are often complex decisions.

Title Description OPR Source Updated
Letting Plan List of projects indicated by TxDOT that could be available to let in specific time period FIN Letting Schedules Bi-Annually
Airport Capital Program Report Capital improvements in general aviation airports AVN Project Tracker Monthly
Bank Balance Report/ Long-term Funding Forecast Analysis Overview of the State Highway Fund cash balance, with obligated/dedicated funds broken out to show the amount of cash available for operations FIN Cash Forecast
Bond Review Board Report A recap of debt transactions that occurred during the period, including new issuances, refundings and debt retirement or other changes. It is also a summary of the current outstanding debt of the issuer (i.e. Texas Transportation Commission) and projected debt service requirements for all programs. Project Finance, Debt and Strategic Contracts (PFD)
TAC Title 34 Chapter 181 Subchapter A Semi-Annually
Bridge Status Report Percentage of state bridges in a given condition BRG Percent of Bridges in Good or Better (Sufficient) Condition Statewide  
Construction Index / Rate of Inflation A weighted index of the cost of highway construction components CST Highway Cost Index Monthly
TxDOT Current Biennial Appropriation The TxDOT appropriation of funds expressed in state law FIN State Law
(Page VII-20 through VII-41)
TxDOT Debt Obligations Status Refers to bonds outstanding. PFD   Ad-Hoc
Disadvantaged Business Enteprise (DBE) Activity Report on DBE activity by TxDOT furnished to FHWA Civil Rights
Semi-Annual Report of DBE Awards & Commitments Semi-Annually
Texas Economic Trends Direct to outside resource Various Texas Ahead: Texas Economy in Focus  
Texas Population Trends Direct to outside resource Various Texas State Data Center  
TxDOT Employee Demographics Department composition HRD Workforce Summary Document Prepared by State Auditor's Office Classification Team Annually
TxDOT Expenditures by Category (Graphic Report) Annual summary of use of funds FIN TxDOT Strategic Plan (Page 12) Annually
Federal Appropriation and Obligation Authority Status of federal funds and rate of obligation FIN P&L Federal Law - not yet developed As revised by Feds
Federal Earmark Project Authority Status of federal funds for projects selected by Congress through Appropriations Acts or other federal transportation legislation FIN P&L Federal Law As revised by Feds


Federal Rate of Return Determine the expected rate of return on federal motor fuels taxes collected from Texas to assist in managing the State Highway Fund cash flow and project planning FIN FHWA Highway Statistics (HDF Report) Annually
Four Year Work Plan Public view of program work across categories South Regional Support Center DCIS/Primavera 6 - currently being developed Annually
TxDOT Grant Program Report Details and status of grant programs relating to transportation. FIN Annual Financial Reports - FIN

Texas Transparency - Comptroller

Letting History Annual lettings CST CST Records Annually
Long Range Needs Assessment   TTP   Five Years
National Ranking Reports Direct to weblink Various 19th Annual Highway Report  
TxDOT Performance Multiple measures of TxDOT performance as related to strategic goals SPPM   Annually
TxDOT Toll Road Revenue and Expenditure Report Financial data on TxDOT toll roads TTA   Annually
Transportation Project Status On-time and on-budget statistics TPP Project Tracker Monthly
Texas Transportation System Attributes Various measures of the transportation system TTP Pocket Facts Annually
Transportation System Operations AADT highway, ridership rail, transit, aviation, ferry TTP Pocket Facts Annually