The program calendar lists key fall and spring monthly activities.

FY 2019 Program Schedule RFP 2

2019 Event
Dec. 7 Pre-proposal meetings are held
Jan. 24 University proposals are due to RTI
Jan. 25-March 1 Proposals are evaluated
March 6 RTI Notifies universities of project awards
May 1 Project start date

FY 2020 Program Schedule RFP

2019 Event
Jan. 22 RFP is sent to universities by RTI
Feb. 5-6 Pre-proposal meetings are held
April 4 University proposals are due to RTI
April 5-May 3 Proposals are evaluated
May 3 Proposal evaluations are due to RTI
May 21-27
Review board and FHWA approval
May 28-30
RTI notifies universities of project awards

*Dates are approximate.