Commercial Signs and Regulated Highways Map

The Highway Beautification Act of 1965 (23 USC §131) requires the state of Texas to control signage along interstate and federal-aid roadways. Our regulatory map has been updated to reflect the current extent of highways classified as federal-aid within Texas as defined by 23 USC 101(a)(5).

These classifications are maintained by the Transportation Planning and Programming Division (TPP) within TxDOT. If you would like more information on the functional classification process, you may wish to file an open records request with TPP.

The Commercial Signs and Regulated Highways Map shows the regulation type of each highway: prohibited, primary or rural.


  • You can select your location by typing a physical address or city in the search field. The search field is in the upper right corner of the map (type next to the magnifying glass). Longitude/latitude can also be entered into the search.
  • Select a road (color-coded by classification) to display pop-up road attributes, such as road name and type.
  • Select a sign to display pop-up sign attributes such as license, permit and owner information.
  • Tools along the top edge of the map allow you to search data, use drawing tools, change basemaps, go to bookmarks, email us for questions or suggestions and print a map.

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