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In connection with the Modernize Portfolio and Project Management (MPPM) initiative, TxDOT introduces TxDOTConnect.

TxDOTConnect is a new software system designed to improve the delivery of transportation projects by creating a one-stop-shop of information such as project selection and delivery, timeline, budgets, contract management and more.

TxDOTConnect will:

  • Provide a single source for project data
  • Make it easier to access and query data
  • Standardize data and reporting formats
  • Make information easier to share and display

TxDOTConnect will provide one tool to manage data and generate reports, rather than rely on the current patchwork of different applications. TxDOTConnect will impact TxDOT employees, and our external partners such as consultants, contractors, vendors, metropolitan planning organizations, local governments, and the Federal Highway Administration.