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Title PDF
513 Drilling Log
536 Bridge Inventory Record and Sketch
1083R Recommended Change in Bridge Load Posting
1085 Bridge Inspection Record
1386 Bridge Inspection Follow-up Action Worksheet
2238 Bridge Structural Condition History
2242 Revision to Bridge Inventory Record
2244 Summary of Needed Load Posting Materials
2252 Information Sheet for Structural Design
2488 Information Sheet for Bridge Railing Upgrades, Retrofits & Repairs
2495 Bridge Load Rating Statement
2596 TxDOT Critical Finding Follow-Up Documentation, Off-System
2597 TxDOT Critical Finding Follow-Up Documentation, On-System
2598 TxDOT Bridge Division Critical Inspection Finding (CIF)
2600 Channel Cross-Section Measurements Record
2601 Under-clearance Record
2602 Bridge Summary Sheet
2605 Scour Summary Sheet for Known Foundations
2606 Scour Summary Sheet for Bridge Class Culverts
2800  Alternative Precast or ABC Concept - Stage 1 Submittal   

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