Highway Safety Engineering uses crash data to research, design and implement projects that save lives and reduce the number of crashes on Texas roadways. Key initiatives include the Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP), Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) and the Systemic Widening Program (SSWP). The materials listed below support these initiatives. 

The Traffic Safety Division is currently developing process improvements to the HSIP program in lieu of a 2019 program call. Look for updates later in 2019.

2018 HSIP Call for Projects Format
Program Call
Submission Form
Average Bid Prices as of 04/20/18
HSIP Format
Highway Safety Improvement Program Manual
SII Calculator
Work Codes Table
SSWP Format
Systemic Widening Technical Report
SSWP Call for Projects
Safety Engineering Reports Format
Developing Methodology for Systemic Improvements
Technical Memorandum for Combining Texas Work Codes
Solutions for Saving Lives on Texas Roads (Texas Traffic Safety Task Force)
Comparative Analysis of Fatal Crashes in Texas vs. California and Implications for Traffic Safety in Texas (Texas A&M Transportation Institute)