Before a project is built, a study must be done to determine if it will fill a transportation need, will not negatively impact the surrounding area and fits the department's overall plan. During the study phase, potential projects are analyzed to determine if they are cost-effective while also efficiently improving mobility. Some of these projects have moved beyond the study phase and are under construction.

Location Project Description
Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge Long-term plan to potentially replace the Harbor Bridge
Corpus Christi I-37 Proposed upgrades to I-37 from Redbird Lane to US 77
Corpus Christi SH 286 Proposed improvements to SH 286 from FM 43 to FM 2444
Corpus Christi SH 358 Construction of improvements to enhance safety and increase mobility
Gregory, Portland and Ingleside SH 361 A feasibility study is to identify opportunities to better connect US 181 and SH 361 while also improving safety and mobility.
Nueces County FM 70 Proposed improvements to FM 70 from the SH 286/FM 70 intersection to US 77 and on SH 286 from south of FM 244 to FM 70
Portland FM 893 Proposed improvements to FM 893 (Moore Ave) from CR 3685 (Stark Road) to 0.2 miles west of CR 79 (Gum Hollow)
Premont US 281 Upgrade to meet interstate highway standards
South Texas US 77 Upgrade Upgrade between Corpus Christi and Harlingen to meet interstate highway standards
Woodsboro/Refugio US 77 Proposed improvements to US 77 in Woodsboro and Refugio area