SH 99 / Grand Parkway Project Comprehensive Development Agreement - Developer Proposals

On Sept. 27, 2012, the Texas Transportation Commission conditionally awarded Zachry-Odebrecht to enter into a design-build agreement for the portion of the Grand Parkway in Harris and Montgomery counties.

Below find links to comprehensive development agreement executive summaries from Fluor Balfour Beatty Williams Brothers (FBW), Kiewit-Granite Parkway Constructors JV, Spring Creek Constructors and Zachry-Odebrecht Parkway Builders.

Texas Transportation Commission Meeting Presentation

Name Major Equity Members Documentation Score
(Max 100)
Fluor Balfour Beatty Williams Brothers (FBW)
  • Fluor Enterprises, Inc.
  • Balfour Beatty Infrastructure
  • Williams Brothers Const. Co., Inc.
Spring Creek Constructors
  • J.D. Abrams, LP
  • FCC Construction S.A.
  • The Lane Construction Corp.
  • Shikun & Binui Ltd.
Kiewit-Granite Parkway Constructors JV
  • Kiewit Texas Construction L.P.
  • Granite Construction Company Texas
  • Sterling Construction Co.
Zachry-Odebrecht Parkway Builders
  • Zachry Construction Corporation
  • Odebrecht Construction, Inc.